If you are a new security monitoring subscriber, please fill in and submit this form to provide us with the information needed for the central station to provide alarm response for your account.  You can also submit this form if you are an existing security monitoring subscriber and you would like to make a change to your account information.

Subscriber Information Form

ALARM VERIFICATION: In the event of an alarm, the central station will attempt to contact you to verify whether or not it is a false alarm. The central station will call the alarm verification phone numbers provided. If it is a false alarm the operator will ask for your verbal password. If you do not provide the verbal password, the operator will dispatch the authorities. If you have a landline at the monitored location, it is recommended that the landline number be the first Alarm Verification number so that someone on site can speak with the operator. However, you may choose to use a cell phone number as an Alarm Verification number.

NOTIFICATION CONTACTS: In the event that the central station dispatches the authorities in response to an alarm, you can provide a list of contacts to be notified after the dispatch. This contact list could include cell phone numbers, family, friends, neighbors, etc. The central station WILL NOT leave messages when they call the Alarm Verification phone numbers as that would delay the dispatch response time. This is a way to be notified that some event has occurred. You can also provide email addresses for email notification. It is not required that you provide any Notification Contacts.

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