'Memphis Is'. . .The Memphis Child Advocacy Center

February 8, 2012


"We believe child abuse is a community problem"-Virginia Stallworth (Assoc.Director)

Memphis is full of amazing organizations filled with warm hearted individuals whose primary focus is to protect and preserve the rights of the good citizens in this city! Today we want to introduce to you a phenomenal group of people whose mission is to unapologetically pursue the safety and protection of those who can not defend themselves, those who can not be heard on there own, our children. The Memphis Child Advocacy Center(MCAC)  is a collaboration of agencies who have joined forces to provide care to the victims and families of child abuse. "We believe child abuse is a community problem" says Virginia Stallworth,  Assoc. Director(MCAC) "No single agency is completely equipped with the necessary skills needed to effectively handle these cases; so here at the MCAC  we have collaborated agencies joining forces and working together under the same roof." These agencies include The TN Dept. of Children's Services, Law Enforcement, 30th Judicial District Attorney's Office, and Mental Health Providers all on one team with one goal, to keep our children safe. The MCAC  sets the standard nationwide among child advocacy centers and we are proud and honored to have this beacon of light shining in our community! Their mission is to provide a community where children are safe, families are strong, and victims become children again. One of the many ways you too can join them in their efforts to educate, prevent, and create awareness is through a program called, Stewards of Children(SOC). Receive proven training and consultation to assist your school, community organization, or place of worship in protecting our kids from hidden danger. For more info. on the SOC program contact: Carol Drake(901)888-4363. I'd like to send a very special thank you to the men and women of the Memphis Child Advocacy Center. Due to your efforts and support, Memphis is a place where children's voices are heard!

by Josh Tyler


Memphis by Josh Tyler

January 4, 2012

by Josh Tyler (Community Security)

 "We all hear the statistics, but the majority of Memphians know a very different city."

Memphis is a great place to live! 26 years ago, on a breezy morning in late March, I was born in Memphis,Tn. I've lived here all my life and I've seen this city go through quite a few changes. From The Memphis Belle being moved to Mud Island to the start of the Trolley operations, from Mayor Herenton to Mayor Wharton and the more recent School Consolidation are on...

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